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255: All Mediocre ThingsComic
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Just as all good things must come to an end, so must all mediocre ones. I refer here not only to the Sphere Trek arc, but rather to Orbz as a whole.

It's been almost two years and over 250 strips since an idea hit on a lazy July afternoon, one that spiraled into something far beyond what I had imagined. All in all, I like to think it's been a good time. Even so.... During all this time, I've gotten nothing out of Orbz, other than the intangibles that some will know of: art for its own sake. And, by and large, that's been okay; I didn't particularly expect anything: from the start I did this solely because it was fun.

And now, unfortunately, it no longer is. Kind of blunt, yes, but it's true. I looked forward to Sphere Trek, which is, in hindsight, the only reason why I finished it; it excites the Trek nerd in me. Regular strips hold no such extra appeal: they're a chore. And, quite frankly, I don't have the time to dedicate into doing something for fun if it isn't fun.

As a fan of quite a few other webcomics, I know it sucks when authors pull the indefinite hiatus trick and keep you hanging, so I won't. I'm formally throwing in the towel, at least for a long while. I'm on strip 255, a fitting number, and at the end of an arc, with our characters flying into a sunset. Appropriate enough. Maybe during the summer, like before, inspiration will strike, and I'll be back. Maybe not. Don't hold your breath.

But who knows.


Hoo boy. Sorry about the delay in Monday's strip (and today's, for that matter). I've been struck down by a gastro-intestinal virus of some sort; it's managed to make the rounds of the entire dorm, and it's having a field day with my gut. Haven't really eaten since last Thursday (today being Wednesday, that's saying something). I probably should do that, but my bellay is not cooperative.

Pah. At least it's cooler than it was a few days ago. Thunderstorms, while terrible if you need to fly through them at twenty thousand feet, are purdy.

— Moe, 29 April, 15:54
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